Aquasolit Packaging

Conventional plastic polybags are not biodegradable and break down into micro plastics that are harmful to the environment and wildlife. This needs to stop. As part of its continue research program, various eco-friendly bag alternatives where investigated. This saw us evolve from our green biodegradable polybags to the dissolvable Aquasolit.

Tsunami’s innovative “Aquasolit” bags are made out of plasticised PVAL/ PVA/ PVOL (Polyvinyl alcohol) and starch, two biodegradable polymers.

The PVAL material dissolves in a few seconds when dropped in hot water (65°C) and slowly degrades in cold water (15ºC), leaving only ink, CO², Biomass and H²0 behind.


Aquasolit is food-safe, non-toxic for fish and humans and 100% biodegradable as tested according to DIN EN 13432* and ASTM D6400** standards.

*The European standard criteria for industrial compostability of packaging
**The American standard specification for solid material biodegradation (by composting) required for labeling of plastics designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities.
How to Dissolve Aquasolit

How to Dissolve Aquasolit

I. Prepare the water base:

Fill a large heat-safe container with 500 ml lukewarm tap water, add hot water until a minimum of 60°C is reached. The final volume should be around 800 ml.

II. Insert Aquasolit:

Take a pair of tongs or similar utensil and insert Aquasolit into the water. Stir the solution and watch it dissolve!

III. Empty the water bowl:

After 3-4 minutes Aquasolit should be dissolved into the water with nothing but small clumps of the non-toxic ink left behind. Take the container and empty it into your sink.

What to Note for Storage

  • Keep in a cool, dry environment (25°C and 50% relative humidity).
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or in excessively humid conditions (e.g. a humid warehouse) for an extended amount of time.
  • Avoid contact with water and dry immediately if it gets wet.
  • If conditions are not met, Aquasolit may begin to break down and stick to clothes.*
*If packaging does begin to stick to the garment, please wash affected product in warm water to completely dissolve any remnants of Aquasolit.
What to Note for Storage

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