ECO Teamwear built for Athletes

From the start, we were driven to deliver a brand that provided quality, reliability and great design. We had a desire to be different. We wanted to actively change the industry mindset from disposable to one that encourages quality, and where possible, one that operates and produces with minimum effect on the environment.

Tsunami Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

At Tsunami Sport we believe that our actions locally will make a global difference in the long run. One such way we are making a change is through our fabric. Currently the majority of fabrics available to customers are made with our Eco-fit™ fabric.

What is Eco-fit™? It is a fabric that contains 50% Recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) that is woven into different weights of polyester. This creates a product that is not only very comfortable, but also possesses the same functions that are inherent in performance teamwear.

Many of our schools, clubs and corporate clients have now made the switch to Eco-Fit™ fabrics. Change is being made around the globe, and we are leading the way in.

Sustainable Packaging

Tsunami Sport has been using biodegradable bags since 2005 and has just recently switched to a newer, better bag. The water-soluble and biodegradable bag we now use is called Aquasolit, and it’s made of a material called PVAL.

It’s a lifelong goal of ours to fight ocean plastic, and Aquasolit is the next big step we’ve taken to pursue the cause.

Aquasolit is food-safe, non-toxic for marine life and humans and 100% biodegradable as tested according to European and American compostability standards.

Tsunami Packaging
Tsunami Delivery Cartons

Recycled Delivery Cartons

Even our delivery cartons are made from recycled paper. When possible, we arrange for recollection of these cartons and, providing we can insure that the integrity of the packaging is secure, we re-use.

We hope you see a used box as a positive rather than a negative. This is another aspect of our “no excuses for a single use” policy.


The textiles industry is built on a ‘take, make, consume, dispose’ pattern of growth. We want to make sure that we make products where the ‘dispose’ pattern is broken and we can help facilitate the first of hopefully many more cycles of ‘take, make and consume.’

Tsunami Sport is dedicated to ensuring our apparel stands up to the toughest of sports. Beyond the tours, the seasons and one-off tournaments, there are a lot of teams who will never use their kits again. This used to make us sad, but not anymore.

We encourage you to find a new home for any Tsunami Sport garments and support your local communities first and foremost. We will always direct items to those in need if asked.

We have a very willing global network who always have needs for sports kit. Please e-mail us and we can connect you with those who could really use your help.

Tsunami Re-usability
Tsunami Uniform Tags

What We Do Not Do - Hang Tags

We made the decision that 2016 would see the last Tsunami Sport hang tag on our garments.

By sacrificing an item with no performance function we are minimising our carbon footprint.

None of the changes we have made to our process affect the quality or delivery of your product, but these small steps will help our planet. We hope you support us in our ECO mission.